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    Panda's Bleach Side Suggestions


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    Panda's Bleach Side Suggestions

    Post by HylianPanda on Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:14 pm

    (Gonna post a skeleton post and edit it till it's finished. Will delete this message when it's done.)

    Bleach Side equivalent to Naruto's Demons

    Bleach side needs something similar to the demons that Naruto side can be born with. Perhaps being born with special bloodlines giving you boosts or powers.

    The way I was thinking it was something like this:

    All bleach races have a chance to be born with an elemental Reiatsu(Like Sui Feng had when she used shunko). Having this elemental reiatsu will allow the user to have unique effects when using reiatsu based attacks and/or physical attacks while using shunko.

    Fire: Attacks do damage over time after hitting.
    Wind: Attacks knock back those who are hit.
    Water: Attacks drain Rei/Chakra upon hitting.
    Lightning: Attacks mess up the movements of anyone hit.
    Earth: Attacks slow anyone hit.

    Some Shinigami and Fullbringers may be born with an inner hollow. If this hollow is particularly strong(like ichigo's) it may allow the user to have something beyond the normal thing's a Vaizard would get. Shinigami  born with this will have access to a Vasto Lorde form regardless if they choose to go Vaizard or not. Maybe have a couple of different Vasto Lorde forms or something.

    Hollows may be born with unique things like a Heirro armor or born with the ability to absorb rei/ninjutus attacks.


    Sado and Inoue need to be combined and added to a race called Fullbringer. Picking the race/class will allow the user to pick from one of the 10 fullbringer power sets each of which will have unique moves and bonuses. Fullbringers would also have a unique organization called XCution.

    Ginjo Fullbring: Cross of Scaffold

    Fullbring: Using the basic fullbring causes the user to spawn a large sword. In this form the user gets a decent strength bonus as well as a minor rei power bonus. Also while in this form the sword increases range of the attack verb by one tile.

    Energy Blade: User may cause the sword blade to become sheathed in light. This makes the attack verb deal a small amount of Rei power based damage as well as the attack damage.

    Explosive Slash: Energy blade must be active to use this. A short ranged attack that deals attack based damage initially then causes the target to explode in a small area dealing rei power based damage.

    Enhanced Fullbring: The user's fullbring becomes an armor around the whole body. The user gets a much larger strength and rei power bonus.

    Getsuga Tensho: User shoots out a wave of energy from the sword. Deals rei power based damage.

    Fullbring Armor: Hardening the fullbring on the users body causes the user's armor to strengthen. Using this gives the user a HP boost.

    Fullbring Absorption: The user can use the power of Cross of Scaffold to steal the main power of another Fullbringer. Usually this would be the power that the fullbring gives.

    Giriko Fullbring: Time Tells No Lies
    Fullbring: The user gets surrounded by numbers. This fullbring boosts Rei power and allows the user to use Contract 1

    Contract 1: User throws a number in a straight line. If it hits the next time the target moves the number explodes dealing rei power based damage.

    Contract 2: User throws a number at an enemy(Homing). If it hits the next time the target uses a jutsu/technique it explodes dealing rei power based damage.

    Contract 4: The user throws a number a tile on the screen(click to choose which.) When the number is hit(either by a player or technique) it explodes dealing a small area of rei power based damage.

    Enhanced Fullbring: User gains a white armor with a clock hand on the chest. Increases Rei power by a lot.

    Contract 5: User sends out numbers in all directions. If any hit someone they explode dealing rei power based damage.

    Contract 3: User turns into a green muscular monster. User loses all rei power boosts but gains a ho boost and a massive strength boost. In this form the user cannot use any other contracts.

    Tristan Fullbring: Dirty Boots

    Fullbring:Gives the user a small strength boost. The longer the fullbring is activated the higher the boost(until it caps out at a high strength boost.) If at any time the user walks on water or is hit by a water based technique the boost resets.

    Quake Stomp: User stomps the ground causing an strength based AOE earthquake.

    Enhanced Fullbring: User's whole body becomes black and the fullbring boost becomes a massive strength boost. Any strength based attack used while in this form has knockback.

    Quake Steps: While in enhanced fullbring just walking causes small earthquakes. Anyone within 1 tile of you takes strength based damage as you walk by.

    Riruka Fullbring: Dollhouse
    Fullbring: Gives a large Rei Resist boost. Gives access to Permit.

    Permit: User sends out a small heart projectile. If it hits the target loses any active boosts and is shrunk down to a tiny size.

    Enhanced dollhouse: Gives a larger rei resist boost. Gives a decent Rei Power boost.

    Addiction Shot: User sends out a medium sized heart projectile. If it hits the target they turn into a small stuffed animal. In this form they cannot use jutsu/techniques.

    Human Container: User hits the target with a close range melee attack. After which the user enters the target's body. While inside the user cannot be hit by attacks of any kind nor can they use attacks. Upon leaving the target is stunned for a moment.

    Tsukishima Fullbring: Book of the End

    Fullbring: User's fullbring is a katana that gives a huge boost to rei resist and a small strength boost. Gives access to Presence.

    Presence: The user cuts someone with the katana using the power to insert the user into the victim's memories. If the target causes any harm to the user then they have a mental breakdown and are dealt Rei Resist based damage.

    Insert Fear: User cuts someone with the katana and changes their memories to make them fear a certain type of damage. The user chooses the type of damage and any time the target is hit by that damage type they have a mental breakdown and take rei resist based damage.

    Change Past: User cuts someone with the katana and changes their memories of the past. Doing so causes the target to have a mental breakdown dealing rei resistance based damage.

    Yukio Fullbring: Invaders Must Die

    Fullbring: User gains a large Rei power boost. Gains access to Save/Load

    Save/Load: The user creates a small room and sends the target into it. Inside the room the user can change aspects of the user and target. Anything changed effects everyone in the room.
          Set HP: Sets a number between 1 and 10.Everyone's
                     HP becomes that number and all attacks deal 1
          Simulate Enemy: This power can be used to create a copy
                                 of any NPC or Player in the world. Only one
                                 can be created at a time.
          Simulate Terrain: User changes the Terrain of the room. A
                                  small number of terrains will be selectable.
    Tracker Bug: User places a tracker on the target. This tracker can be used to see where that target is at any time.

    Holographic Clones: Functions as Bunshin no Jutsu.

    Enhanced Fullbring Digital Radial Invaders: The rei power boost is increased.

    Camouflage: User turns invisible.

    Digital Clones: Functions as Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Clones deal Rei Power based damage.

    Digital Blade: A blade pops out of a tile near the target dealing rei power based damage if it hits.

    Digital Missiles: User sends out a series of missiles in random directions. If one hits someone(including the user) it explodes dealing rei power based damage.

    Digital Copy: Create one clone of another player. The clone has all the stats and powers of that player.

    Digital Monsters: Functions as Taijuu Kage Bunshin but instead of creating clones creates monsters. They deal rei power based damage.

    Ichigo Fullbring: Tensa Zangetsu

    Fullbring: Gives a rei power and rei resist boost. Allows the user to use tsuba shield.

    Tsuba Shield: User makes a large black shield in the shape of Tensa Zangetsu's tsuba. While out it drains the users rei but blocks all damage coming from the front of the user.

    Energy Blade: User creates an energy blade causing normal attacks to deal rei power based damage.

    Energy Blast: When used this technique starts charging energy. Depending on how long the energy was charged the more energy blasts are shot out maximum 6. After shooting 6 energy blasts the maximum becomes 5 and so on and so forth unless the user waits before sending out a charged shot again. If used quickly it shoots one blast. The blasts are small fast moving projectiles that do rei power based damage.

    Enhanced Fullbring: User is covered in white bone like armor as the fullbring becomes complete. The user gains a physical sword. This form increases rei power and strength.

    Getsuga Tensho: User sends out a large wave of energy from the sword. Deals high rei power based damage.

    Shishigawara Fullbring: Jackpot Knuckle

    Fullbring: Gives massive strength boost and a decent HP boost. Gives access to the break armor ability.

    Break Armor: User hits a target with a short range melee attack. If the target has any Armor techniques on they break and cannot be used for a long period of time. Deals strength damage.

    Break Weapon: User hits the target with a short range melee attack. If the target has any weapon the weapon breaks and cannot be used for a long period of time. Deals strength damage.

    Jackpot Punch: User punches the target. This attack has random multiplier. Damage is strength based from a 0x multiplier to a 777x multiplier.


    XCution consists of 9 members. The members each have the ability to steal a power from someone else with the leader being able to steal multiple powers. Powers that can be stolen would include a clan ability from each clan or maybe a quinces spirit weapon or a shikai power from a shinigami.


    The Quincy clan no longer only has bows. The bow should be changed to spirit weapon and there should be a variety to choose from. Furthermore Quincies should be split into two different classes; Traditional and Wandenreich both of which get different abilities. Quincies will also have a unique organization called The Empire. The leader of The Empire is the Quincy Emperor and the members are called Stern Ritters. The Stern Ritters each get a unique power based on their letter in the organization with the Emperor getting A and the second in command also getting A.

    Spirit Weapon


    Bow: Balanced in both power and speed. Shoots a rei power based projectile. When mastered shoots three projectiles instead of one.

    Pistol: Faster but weaker than the bow. Shoots one rei power based projectile. When masted it shoots two instead of one.

    Cannon: Slow but strong. Shoots one rei power based projectile that explodes on contact with a target. When mastered it shoots three projectiles instead of one.

    Minigun: Shoots super fast but does low damage. Shoots 3 rei power based projectiles in a row. When mastered it shoots continuously as long as attack is held down.

    Thorns: Creates some small controllable thorns around the user. Anyone struck by them is dealt rei power based damage. Mastery allows more thorns to be created.

    Rifle: Shoots a fast moving projectile that does high rei power based damage. After use there is a cooldown between shots. Mastery reduces the cooldown.

    Throwing Knife: User throws a knife out at the target. It deals strength based damage. Mastery allows the user to throw three knives in a arc.


    Saber: Attacks medium speed and deals medium strength based damage. Mastery allows attacks to shoot out an arrow that deals rei power based damage.

    Claws: Attacks fast dealing low strength based damage. Mastery increases damage delt.

    Sword/Shield: User creates a sword. The sword deals medium physical damage at a medium speed. Mastery allows the user to create a shield along side it blocking some attacks while in use.

    Broadsword: User creates a large sword. It deals strength based damage but attacks slowly. Upon mastery the sword glows with reishi and deals even higher damage.

    General Quincy Techniques

    Manifest Spirit Weapon: First technique any quincy gets is the ability to manifest a weapon.

    Hirenkyaku: The quincy stepping techique. Allows the user to strafe and move quickly.

    Choice of Training: A quincy chooses to train as a Traditional Quincy or A Wandenreich.


    Ginto Techniques: The traditional quincy has access to a number of ginto based techniques.

    • Wolke: User releases the Reiyoku within a ginto shooting lighting in a direction dealing rei power based damage.
    • Gritz: User throws a ginto in a straight line. If it hits the target is incased in a film of reishi freezing them.
    • Heizen: User throws four ginto in a square. When someone steps into the square they take a large amount of rei power based damage.

    Sanrei Glove: Wearing the glove reduces the power of your spirit weapon until it is mastered. Must be worn to use Letzt Stil

    Ransotengai:When used the user starts to lose reiatsu but any techniques that would freeze or slow the user are dispelled as long as the technique is active. Can be used indefinitely when Letzt Stil is active.

    Mastered Bow: User's bow becomes mastered.

    Letzt Stil: User removes the Sanrei Glove releasing a massive amount of spiritual power. Doing so boosts all of the users stats by a lot. After being dismissed the user cannot use any quincy based powers for a long period of time.


    Bluts: Wandenreich quincies get a series of bluts to aid combat effectiveness. Only one can be used at a time.

    • Blut Vene: User gains a Hp boost.
    • Blut Arterie: User gains Strength and Rei Power boost.
    • Blut Vene Anhaben: User gains a shield that blocks all attacks. User cannot move or use techniques while using this blut.

    Leiden Hant: While worn the user's spirit weapon deals less damage
    until it is mastered. Must be worn to use Vollstandig

    Vollstandig: User releases a seal on the Leiden Hant causing a burst of spiritual energy. The user gains a boost in all stats but a lower boost than letzt stil.
    While in Vollstandig the user can use Fly.

    The Empire
    The empire consists of 28 Members each of which gets a power based on the letter they are assigned. The Empreor is always A with members being assigned letters A-Z with 2 Ys(thus being 28 total) Each letter has a different power.
    A - Antithesis
    B - The Balance
    C - The Compulsory
    D - The Deathdealing
    E - The Explode
    F - The Fear
    G - The Glutton
    H - The Heat
    I - The Iron
    J - The Jail
    K - The Knight
    L - The Love
    M - The Miracle
    N - The Noble
    O - The Overkill
    P - The Power
    Q - The Question
    R - The Roar
    S - The Superstar
    T - The Thunderbolt
    U - The Underbelly
    V - The Visionary
    W - The Wind
    X - The X-Axis
    Y - The Yourself
    Z - The Zombie

    Each stern ritter also gets a Quincy Medalion which can be used to steal a bankai from a shinigami. If this is used the Quincy loses the Voll/Letzt ability.


    When making a shini you should pick a training path. There would be three paths to pick from indicating what kind of training you have taken. Hakuda Path focus on strength based techniques. Hado Path focuses on Rei Power based hado techniques. Lastly Bakudo Path fosues on Rei Resist based binds and barriers. This would diversify the skill set of shinigamis. At a medium to high level shinigami may also have an opportunity to join a Sub squad. Sub Squads each have a captain like a regular squad and give a unique technique or ability. The sub squads would be the Onmitsukido Militia, the Partol Corps and the Kido Corps. Militia would give a unique strength based power, Patrol Corps may give something like a vision boost and Kido Corps would give unique kido powers.

    Hakuda Path
    Ikkotsu: A high powered punch that deals high strength damage and sends the target flying back.

    Taketonbo: User throws the target upside down causing them to land on their back. Deals strength based damage.

    Takigoi: When used the user takes a stance. If hit by a strength/taijutsu based attack the attack will be countered and the user will be hit for strength based damage.

    Tessho: User does a palm strike dealing massive strength damage to a single target.

    Chohigetsusuki: User does a powerful headbutt at a target. Deals massive damage but deals a small amount of damage to the user.

    Sokotsu: User does a two fisted punch. Deals massive strength based damage.

    Raioken: User does a series of high speed punches. Does many medium damaging strength based hits.

    Shunko: User causes reiatsu to swirl around them boosting attack and rei power.

    Hado Path

    Sho: User shoots a small rei power based projectile.

    Shakkaho: User shoots a red ball of energy. If it hits it does medium rei power based damage.

    Byakurai: Shoots a line of spiritual energy. The line passes through anything it hits dealing rei power based damage.

    Zangerin: User does a medium sized Rei Power based AOE.

    Raihoho: User charges up a small ball then throws it. If it hits a target it deals high rei power based damage and causes a small explosion.

    Kurohitsugi: User creates a black box around a target. The target takes high rei power based damage.

    Senju Koten Taiho: User shoots out 10 large reiatsu spikes. They all home towards a target dealing high rei power based damage.

    Itto Kaso: When used the user gets a 50% stat debuff for a long time(say 24 hours). Deals a obscene(Like 1000x) amount of rei power based damage in a large area. The user cannot use any techniques for half the the time of the stat debuff.

    Bakudo Path

    Sai: The user targets someone. The target cannot use strength, taijutsu, or bukijutsu based attacks for a small rei resist based duration.

    Seki: After the user activates the technique when struck with a melee attack causes the damage to be blocked and the user of that attack to be knocked back.

    Rikujokoro: User points at a target causing rods of light surround the target. The target cannot move for a short duration based on rei resist.

    Sekienton: User creates a large area of red smoke. The smoke impairs vision.

    Geki: User does an incantation which causes one target on screen to be frozen. The user cannot attack while doing the incantation and the duration of the freeze is based on rei resist.

    Gochutekkan: User causes heavy iron pillars to fall from the sky onto the target. If they hit the target is slowed for a period of time based on rei resist.

    Kuyo Shibari: User creates a circle of black holes on the map. If someone walks in them they are frozen for a period of time based on rei resist.

    Kin: User binds a target to the ground for a medium period of time based on rei resist.


    Have each mask give something slightly different. Some may boost differently or give unique techniques.

    Remove Fusen(Fuzen? However it's spelled). Make it so if one does get Vaizard they lose something else in return for getting it. As in if you are Vaizard maybe you choose weather to get the mask or give it up and get better powers.

    Others to be added.

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    I like the idea of having a bleach race equivalent for demons, as long as it doesn't take away from the freedom of choosing your own Shikai/race.

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