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    Quick Fix for Bugged Exploding Tags


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    Quick Fix for Bugged Exploding Tags

    Post by Waffle-kun on Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:16 pm

        I just realized if you place an explosive tag on someone, and hit the "explode" verb, the damage is dealt to you...
    and ONLY you; the player who left the trap! Even if you're 3+ tiles away. If you can use the verb, you take the damage. The
    only time you can inflict this damage upon another player, is if you're within a 1-2 tile radius from the player you want to
    "explode". Not only that, but you first have to select their name from a drop-down menu which also happens to include
    your own name. This makes using tags as a weapon nearly pointless and extremely inefficient. If you can quickly fix and make it
    so that there is no drop down menu when hitting "explode" (unless if there is someone else near the tag other than you and your one target)
    and that your target is instead the one who takes the damage, that'd be greatly appreciated. If this is possible as a short term fix, please let me know!

    -That Boy Waffle

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